Super jeep

It can be said that super-jeep is becoming as common in Iceland as the yellow cab is in New York.  These modified vehicles are used to get you closer to the nature in comfort. Driving on mountain tracks or just cruising on top of winter snow.  Experienced drivers, radio equipment and satellite navigation make these trips safe regardless of the weather conditions.

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With a snowmobile you can explore the Icelandic nature during the winter months in a different way.  Take an exciting adventure on our snowmobiles on the frozen Lake Myvatn or travel deep into the highland of north Iceland with one of our guides.

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Sightseeing tours

Our sightseeing tours will give you the chance to explore the nature as well as the special way of life here in the North.  We offer, for instance, sightseeing tours to some spectacular places, Icelandic farms, power station and museum.  The aim is to get you close to the nature and the local people.  These tours are recommended for all nature lovers.

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The Lake Myvatn area and the surrounding into highland are great for cross-country skiing. We have a good mixture of areas from easy walk to more demanding. Shorter tours are suitable for beginners to more experienced skiers. Long tours are for those with some experience of cross-country skiing.

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Horse riding 

The Icelandic horse is known to be sure-footed, willing and friendly by nature and extremely pleasant to ride.  A better area in Iceland is hard to find that offers so much variation of  trails.  We can offer tours from one hour to a day tour with different destinations, something to match your desire.  Enjoy horse riding at Lake Mývatn!

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Ice Activities

Usually go-kart driving is specially made for asphalt fields, but at Mývatn you drive on the ice at the lake.  The snow is cleaned away and you drive with studded tires.  We also provide a special made off-road track.

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