Café Sel

Kaffi Sel is a well located café at the south side of lake Mývatn, next to Sel-Gótel. Serving light refreshments and gives you a good taste of local food. You can get sandwiches, pasta, tortillas, soups etc. We specially recommend the Geysir bread with smoked trout.

It is open from 8-22 in the summertime. Grill is open from 11-21.
Winter: From 10-17. Grill is open from 11-17

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Menu at Café-Sel

Light refresments
Soup of the day 1.200,-
Icelandic meat soup 1.600,-
Cheeseburger   850,-
The house burger with ham, cheese, pickles, salad and french fries 1.650,-
Grilled sandwich with ham and cheese   750,-
French fries, small portion   450,-
French fries, big portion   690,-
Cold sandwiches   600,-
Geysir bread with smoked trout   750,-
Chickentortilla   890,-
Pastasalad with vegetables   890,-
Hot dog   400,-
Cake with whipped cream   650,-


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